Our Story

The Willis Brothers

The Willis Brothers Milton and Michael have found a way to bring the feel and numerous Positive Benefits of the Ocean to everyone.

For the first time in their lifetimes, the Willis brothers witnessed international beach closures due to Covid. It was during these times of “drying out” the two thought wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just have the Ocean with us all the time?

Today, the Willis brothers have found the Purest, Healthiest and most Convenient way for you to enjoy and benefit from the Daily Saltwater Experience.

Think Waves

This was the year the Willis Brothers Milton and Michael made Surfing History by Surfing unprecedented Giant Waves during Hawaii’s 1st ever Condition Black.

To ride the Powerful Surf of the North Shore requires Respect, Experience and Expert Knowledge of Water Safety. Both Milton and Michael are credited for accomplishing Successful Rescues In Hazardous Ocean Conditions.

At this time Milton and Michael began sharing with the Public How Experienced Surfers not only Avoid or Survive Rip Currents but how to use them to efficiently get to the Waves !!!

Students began referring to this method as the Willis Way.

A Message from the Willis Brothers