Pacific Ocean
In the Palm of
Your Hand

Pure All-Natural filtered 100% Pacific Ocean Saltwater

Pacific Ocean Mist Works Wonders on...


Spritz your hair and get thick beachy hair in seconds!

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Freshen up your skin for a glowy look, and help prevent acne.

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Breathe in the calm ocean air, and benefit from the oceans ions.

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Part of Pacific Ocean Mist proceeds go towards our Non-Profit, "Think Waves" which serves to help prevent ocean rescues and drownings through rip current education

You will Love Pacific Ocean Mist


"Great Product. I use it at work everyday. Makes me feel like I just got out of the water. Thanks."

Paul Tomson
Lifetime Surfer

I use Pacific Ocean Mist everyday, whether it's a few sprays to the face, or into the air for me to walk into. Either way my morning starts with the ocean wherever I am.

Emily Milsom
York, England

An Ocean in the Palm of Your Hand! Reach the Beach!

Michael Clebert Willis
Solana Beach, CA

Can’t get to the Beach today? Well, now You Can!

Milton Brady Willis
San Diego, CA

Pacific Ocean Mist is 100% Pure, Natural, authentic Pacific Ocean Saltwater.
No artificial color or scent.
Filtered to remove impurities.

Great for Hair, Skin, Mind and Cleansing Auras